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A way of gathering and reaching out

For a long time, the Sami media consisted solely of the magazine Samefolket. Now, though, the media selection is entirely different. Samefolket is still there, but Sveriges Radio (Swedish Radio) and Sveriges Television (Swedish Television) have both established Sami editorial teams. And Nordic media collaboration is now under way in earnest.

The first Sami congress took place in Östersund in 1918. At this congress, the 219 delegates discussed everything from the policies of the public authorities to reindeer husbandry legislation and nomadic school regulations. But even then, almost a hundred years ago, they realised the importance of the media as a collective force in the vast Sápmi (Samiland) region.

One result of the congress was the creation of the first Sami magazine in Sweden. The Sami people's own magazine was issued for the first time in November 1918. Samefolket reports on current cultural and political events in the Sami core area, but also on other indigenous peoples around the world, their lives, culture and problems. Samefolket is mainly published in Swedish, although there are often texts in Norwegian as well as one or more texts in one of the Sami languages.

Samefolket is the only Sami journal in Sweden to be released frequently, with twelve issues a year, once a month. The magazine's rules state that Samefolket must be a means of connection between various Sami groups, it must spread knowledge to various social bodies and the general public regarding Sami conditions, it must be a discussion forum, it must include articles in the Sami language and provide education and tuition on various levels. The magazine is owned by the two Sami organisations, SSR and Same Ätnam.

Sáminuorat is an official mouthpiece for the Sami Youth Organisation of Sweden (Sáminuorra) and is issued four times a year. The magazine is aimed primarily at young Sami people, and the focus is on touching and human subjects. Sáminuorat is provocative and cheeky, provides sharp social criticism and pokes fun at both Swedish and Sami politicians. In 1999 Sáminuorat won the "Swedish Publishing Prize'' for the best subscription magazine. The magazine does not have a fixed editorial team.

SR Sámi Radio
In the beginning, when Sveriges Radio aired programmes that dealt with Sami issues, they were always made by Swedish reporters for Swedish listeners. It was not until the 1950s that it began broadcasting programmes for Sami listeners, although these were still mostly in Swedish. The listeners could hear reports from the reindeer forest as well as individual interviews, programmes about yoiking and the odd devotional programme. Nils Hövenmark worked on the Sami editorial team from 1960, broadcasting the half-hour long Sámi Ságat, a programme in Swedish. SR Sameradion did not start broadcasting in Sami until 1965.

Maj Lis Skaltje, one of the pioneers of Sami radio, joined the station in Luleå in 1966. Here she presented a music programme playing folk music from all around the globe. The Sami editorial team was established in Kiruna in 1973. Today SR Sámi Radio broadcasts both news and programmes at fixed times on channel P2. The editorial team is stationed in Kiruna and has twelve employees. In 2002, a collaboration with NRK's and Yle's Sami editorial teams was initiated, and news and programmes are now run together across three countries.

Sveriges Television's archives include old newsreel containing frank observations by tourists travelling in the mountains. In these films, ladies in wide-brimmed hats can be seen scampering around in the mountains, and occasionally it is possible to glimpse a surprised Sami. But that was then. Today, following extremely hard work by Sami media pioneers, there is a Sami television editorial team, SVT-Sápmi, which broadcasts both news and programmes at fixed times. The editorial team is stationed in Kiruna and has nine employees. The first Sami news broadcasts on television commenced in 2002, in co-operation with NRK and Yle. är en webbplats för dig som vill veta mer om samerna och sápmi.

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